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Welcome to NOLAH Open your tomorrow

Welcome to NOLAH Open your tomorrow

Welcome to Nolah

For the Love
of Community

At Nolah we believe in crafting bespoke communities that promote connected living, comfort and security. From concept to completion, each of our projects are conceived with a deep seated vision for masterplanning contemporary and affordable communities that foster a rich sense of belonging to both people and the local environment.

Property developments that seamlessly integrate into the greater communities they belong to, while delivering attainable visions of a future that our customers can belong to.



Nolah Property Developments is a privately owned residential development company specialising in delivering bespoke subdivisions, medium density housing and development consulting solutions.

With over a decade of experience and expertise in the residential property market and a passion for placemaking, our vision is to positively impact every space, community and client, leaving them better than we found them.

For the
Love of Home

Boutique communities and residences to build your future from and belong to. Take a look.

The Nolah Pledge

A Commitment to our Environment

Our passion and ambition for crafting desirable and affordable communities is matched by our commitment and consideration for the environment

At Nolah, our commitment to our customers and love for community goes beyond the here and now and extends to how we can protect and preserve the future of our environment. We balance the feasibility of our commercial opportunities as property developers against our social and ethnical responsibilities as citizens of our beautiful nation, to ensure that our developments are created with an unwavering commitment to reinvesting in the local environment and wildlife. Working in partnership with local communities and charities, our commitment from day 1 is to donate 1% of our development profits to environmental and wildlife charities. 

Our values



For the love of Local

It’s what we look for in the relationships of our lives, whether personal or professional.

When it comes to how we like to work, we’re all about building relationships and partnerships. Our people first approach is all about crafting genuine connections with our clients, families and communities.

We always look for win-win solutions and our open door policy means you can reach us any time.



For the love of Simplicity

Our passion for achieving the best outcomes for clients is built on our commitment to unwavering integrity and transparency.

We're not in the business of cutting corners, we're in the business of building trust. Trust that is tangible, straightforward and evidenced in the way we sweat the small stuff, as well as the big things. No fine print necessary.



For the love of Home

We empower our clients and customers with all the information they need to make the choice that has their family’s best interests and brightest future at heart.

With every coffee and conversation, we inform and invite all those we interact with to see what could be on the other side of the doorway.

Get to Know Us

Headquartered in Brisbane Australia, the Nolah journey has been over a decade in the making and is the culmination of the expertise, passion and experience of founder and development manager Garth Silva. With more than a decade worth of diversified experience in both small-scale and large-scale residential development across Australia, as well as close to two decades worth of international experience as a lawyer, Garth Silva brings to Nolah an undisputed level of nous and professionalism that you can trust.

Anchored by his love of all things family and community; Garth and the team at Nolah Property Developments are committed to placemaking the kind of communities across South East Queensland that honour the rich legacies of the local environments that these lands belong to, whilst opening vibrant opportunities for our customers to write the next chapters in our collective stories of family & community.

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